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Why doesn't Zerodha allow intraday positions for contracts in ban period? 22 April 23, 2019
Why does Zerodha charge Rs.20 for MIS/BO/CO square-off? Whether I close it or RMS closes it, it shouldn't affect Zerodha in terms of cost 7 April 21, 2019
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Why do I require so much more money to short options as compared to buying options? 85 January 29, 2019
Kotak says that companies like Zerodha are going to close and is it true that companies like Zerodha make pool account & keep our money in that? 72 January 20, 2019
Can I pledge Mutual funds for trading F&O? 8 January 14, 2019
I have pledged stocks and used the margin to trade F&O. One of the pledged stocks has declared a dividend. Where will this dividend be credited? 19 January 4, 2019
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