15 min Below SELL in 1 min

Hello Team,

I wish to know whether I can trade on 1 min candle w.r.t 15 min signal candle?
Let me explain my strategy.

I want to place an MIS order in a 1-min timeframe whenever the LOW of the 1 min candle crosses below the previous 15 min candle with an SL of the previous 15 min HIGH.

Targer - 3:20 Closing.

I was able to do so using 15-min timeframe. Meaning signal and trading candle both are 15 min.


can be doable with algo.

Hello @bubunis

You can write an Algo for the Multi time frame, in a loop call 15min data and 1 min data and continuously check if 1min(low)<15min(low), if this condition satisfies, execute your trade.

How to write the same in Streak.
I am very much aware of the fact that in amibrocker or other algo software, the same can be coded.

I am looking for Zerodha’s response here

Hi @bubunis ,

While you can take a faster entry by using a 1 min candle, like this

The exit you are looking for will not be possible because the Signal/trading candle will now be the 1 min candle that triggered and not the 15min candle. So in order to implement the above scenario, 15min candle would be preferable.

Of course, this is possible by using the candletime or the Nth candle condition.

Also, please tag @Streak when you want to get the team to respond.