17070 : The Price is out of the current execution range

Today for bnifty 27200 CE i Placed limit sell order at 7.9 there was bid already for 8 so technically it should be executed immediately but order got rejected “17070 : The Price is out of the current execution range”.
My question is if its not allowed to enter order beyond execution range then how come bids were there. at 8.

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Happen with me also.

this happens most in zerodha, happened with me too

Please explain this…

seem no one know how this happen…?

Hey @Prince_18,

Check out this support article.

The execution range is dynamic, it keeps changing based on the reference price.

Only if your bid/ask is about to result in a trade this rejection will happen.

Can you Please explain this in more details. Still confused if its not allowed then how come others are allowed to place bid-ask. Or you RMS is slow to update reference price on opening . Please explain whole in simple terms. @Kshiteesh_Saralaya

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For example -

I place a limit buy order at 8. At this point this is within the execution range. Later on it moved out of the execution range. My order immediately won’t get canceled and will stay as an open bid. When someone else places a sell order at 8, both of our orders will get cancelled.

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