1min, 5 min etc TF data feed for Ninja Trader 7

Hi Gurus,

I was looking for data feed for NT7 but could not find any help. I hope this forum would have some answer. It would be great if atleast 1min, 5min historic data of say 2 yrs is available for NT7 . Or can any body show some path by which I can try to develop some xl or software any thing which can fetch data and feed NT7

need data feed mee too pls help,for amiroker trial version.i just downloaded free version NT7 but its waste of 52MB data…worst UI Ever.

I know of two intra day feed providers in India. They charge money, but if someone is registered with a discount broker(like Zerodha), the cost savings in brokerage can compensate for the monthly charges. Look for Global Data Feeds and Neo Trade Analytics. With that kind of feed, and using some specific indicators and algo strategies, NT7 can be very useful for day traders.

google “ninjatrader data feed”

on first page you have the answer.

there is nothing like NT7 but you have to invest the time.

No ami No meta No ninja…the future is going to be only Pi trader…

The problem for NT7 is the data feed so ie y your saying waste of 52MB. But if a real time data feed is available or at least a back fill in the IEOD format is available to NT7 then will know the power of NT7… Ie why i am searching data feed for NT7… for amibroker there are lots and lots of data feed available. even free data feeds are also there.

There is real time data feed available for Ninjatrader, but is not free. Visit www.globaldatafeeds.in, which provides real time as well as backfill data for NT based on monthly subscription. FNO,Currency,MCX are all provided realtime using NimbleData software, which allows RT tick-by-tick data feed for Amibroker, NT, Metatrader, as well as custom programs(that you can create using a programming language of your choice)