22 Jan 18 - NSE website - Issue

Hi, is anyone facing issues with NSE website today? for some reasons, whichever browser i use, it is showing the details of 19th Jan.


In Kite market watch , I am seletecting Nifty jan Option and it is coming as Nifty 18th Jan Option CE//PE .
I am not able to see 25th Jan Nifty CE/PE

Seems some issue with NSE website today.

Nifty has only monthly options, 18 refers to year 2018, Jan refers to expiry month. Weekly options are available on banknifty only. So, what you are seeing are only jan Nifty options.

Because the last expiry date is known from the month name like 26000Jan for both CE/PE and it doesn’t mark with any date.
Hope it’ll help you.

even i faced the same issue … it was showing the stale data

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