3 hour timeframe CTB

I am using a few indicators on Nifty November Futures chart and the chart timeframe is 3 hours. Why is it that after clicking on CTB, I am getting the backtest results on an hourly timeframe?

I am attaching the screenshots below

@sasuke you will not get the backtest results for the 3 hour timeframe after clicking on CTB because the 3 hour candle interval is not supported. You will get the backtest results in any one of the following timeframes - 1min, 3mins, 5mins, 10mins, 15mins, 30mins, 1hr, 1day.

However, you can use the Multi timeframe and Multi timeframe completed functions to perform multi timeframe analysis i.e check conditions for two different timeframes in a single query. The 3 hour timeframe is available in the MTF function. Once you get redirected to Streak after clicking on CTB, you can edit the strategy and use the MTF function with the 3 hour timeframe and rerun the backtest.

Watch this webinar to know more about MTF Multi-Time frame Analysis with Streak - YouTube

You can also read about MTF here Create (Advanced) - Streak Help