45*angle for gann fan


How to set 45* angle in kite chart for read gann fan

In Kite Gannfan the calculation of angle is as follows

1x8 β€” 82.5 degrees
1x4 β€” 75 degrees
1x3 β€” 71.25 degrees
1x2 β€” 63.75 degrees
1x1 β€” 45 degrees
2x1 β€” 26.25 degrees
3x1 β€” 18.75 degrees
4x1 β€” 15 degrees
8x1 β€” 7.5 degrees

so for 45* angle of your requirement you have to check 1x1

But how to know where to place the 1x1 angle on the chart?

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@AlgoGeek plz reply how to know where to place the 1x1 line so it could be perfect 45 degree…


i have same question …plz tell uss