5% Monthly return from equity in stock mkt

Dear Members…pls share your views on some strategies to generate 5% monthly returns from stock mkt in cash segment .

That’s way beyond what a normal human being expects, @Manish_Agarwal :smiley:

and my experience says, whoever trades with expectation as high as 5% will most likely face disappointment.

Maybe others can share what is the reasonable expectation one can have from markets on yearly basis.

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Research your instrument carefully. Possible…

Edit: Forget the above, I was thinking leveraged instruments (F&O), not plain equity, sorry…

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It’s possible in a raging Bull market like in 2020 and 2021. When the markets are rangebound or in downtrend even 0.5% a month is a big achievement.

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If you are able to find it, please let me know too - i am interested

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imo no monthly targets are possible. Trading is not substitute for regular income. You win and you lose and we can have extended periods of no returns / negative returns. Systems that i trade have had 5-6 months+ flat/drawdown periods, it can be more too. A decent system that i don’t yet trade was in DD for more than a year. Now some type of systems with v high win rate might not have such extended periods underwater ( i dont trade such yet and they are not necessarily better long term )

Anyone going into trading with expectation of regular income from markets is in for disappointment. However if you understand and accept it, we can make good money too with time.

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It’s possible, but it requires a lot of discipline.

First. As an example, CIPLA which is in a Massive downtrend has given around 4% in last 5 Trading days.
Or HAL about 7%.

How to do it ?
Spot the right stock.
Read charts, look for trending stocks, mark Support / Resistance.

After that you have to time your entry perfectly.
Have the discipline to get out after making a target percentage of say 2-3% every trade.
Or with defined SL.

Frankly in the current market seems too choppy swing trading.