500Rs Monthly SIP in direct Mutual fund understanding!

I want to know if I Start SIP by 500 Rs in Direct MF by Coin, then
After 1 year it will be 6000Rs. But I read document that if I close MF before specific time then there will be charges.
To avoid that I have to keep running it till specific time say 3 years.
Then it will become 18000Rs.
If I want to close MF after that specific time, then how much charge take by various organizations like Zerodha, NSE, SEBI, MF company, taxes etc
Mean I invested x value at the end of specific time, then after various cutting charges say y I will get z value.
Can any one explain me?

Which document did you read? If you sell out equity funds within a year then it will attract an exit load and capital gains.

If you cross your 25k free investments on Coin, then Zerodha charges you Rs.50/month as subscription fees. Nothing else. So multiply this Rs.50 into the number of months you stay invested. Also, no charges by NSE and SEBI here.