5G Airwaves Auction

Reliance Industries almost spent double the amount compared to Airtel on 5G Auction. Can anyone elaborate on the advantages Reliance will have due to this ? And impact on Airtel due to this ?

The obvious advantage for Jio would be more connectivity.

Need to learn more to know about the impact on Bharti

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Reliance is scared of Adani and doesn’t want to take a chance. Although Adani has denied that they won’t enter consumer mobility space and stick to private networks but there is no guarantee that it won’t enter the field after 5-6 years when the 5g market is established either by buying an existing telco (probably VI) or by getting fresh licenses/spectrum from GOI. Even Jio got license in 2009 and entered the market in 2016. So Adani may also be buying time by denying to prepare themselves for the battle.


This is a good start to better understanding of 5G networks.