60 day challenge

Approximately how many traders win this challenge in a month . ??

I just won my 2nd 60 day challenge after losing the 1st challenge


You now belong to the 10% of Challenge Takers who win the challenge.

Great work.


Congratulations @sudheer_kumar :+1:

So the idea is to win consistently

Thank you @portfolioplus911 @Lakshmikanth_Jadhav

First time when I participated I just came to know about stockmarket.opened my first demat with Zerodha.And I started trading just for the rush of it.The result is 5 digit loss. :slight_smile: I have to say I have learned a lot from all of the experiences, the traders have shared here and that really helped me in my second leg of the challenge although the profit is not so huge.



I have accepted it.
It will close @. 25/12/2017i m on positive 4000+
Let’s see what happens in next 10 days.
Wish me luck.

Congrats. What is your strategy for cobsistent winning.
Could you share your tips for successful day trading.

I won 5 and lost 2 so far.

In one of my lost challenges 90% of my trades were in bank nifty intraday :cry:

I won my 2nd 60 day challenge today…:grinning: