60 days challenge REWARD

While zerodha did reverse the concept reward of referral of 10% brokerage but, 60 days challenge is still not being reversed. Will zerodha be thinking to reward brokerage reversal for all those who will win 60 day challenge in future. SEBI has relaxed the norms on it now and other brokers are offering it too. Will zerodha also think to get this implemented again or is it over forever.

I had a question about this. Zerodha stopped providing brokerage reversals due to a particular point in a circular issued by the exchange (referenced in a different thread). According to the current Code of Advertisement (last updated on 5th February, 2020), that point still remains.

I wanted to ask, which norms have been relaxed? Could you share a link to that circular?

That said, I am also curious regarding how Fyers continues to offer brokerage reversal on their 30 Day Challenge? Is it because of its small size (having around 50K+ customers) or has it got some kind of relaxation from the exchanges?

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