75% of all Yes Bank shares held will be blocked for 3 years


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Hello sir…how many time takes in averaging down the shares price in our portfolio… example I have already 100 share of x for rs 20 and today(Monday) I bought the same x shares 100 q for rs 10 … which day all the shares will show in my portfolio with rs 15 … can it show on Tuesday the next day of I bought… and if yes then can I sell all 200 shares with rs 18 with profit of rs 3 (18-15) on Tuesday … please answer thank you

Every time you buy the shares, average price is adjusted. You can sell the shares next day and book the P&L.

Good idea … must do it now

Hello sir… one more question is… when we sale share and again purchase with different price … … but is showing in our portfolio with old sale price and show as profit but actually it’s not profit… what does it mean please answer… example we sale 100 quantity for rs 50 and again buy 100 quantity for rs 52 but… in portfolio is reflected with old sale price as buy 100 quantity with 50 rs not 52… So it reflect as rs 2 profit…but actually there is no such profit… so what does it mean…thank you

Hello sir…is there any annually charges for zerodha if yes …how it is dedicated automatically or it will ask for such charges through message… please answer with amount of charge…thank you

Anything can happen !!!

We charge Rs 300/year for the demat account. It is debited from the money lying in your trading account.

Recently, there’s pledge margin being allowed for Yes bank, can this be done for blocked shared of Yes bank as well?

can we buy yes bank FPO and what meaning of 75% of all yes bank shares held will be blocked for 3 years.
please suggest any restriction for sale in future.

Shares bought through FPO wont have any lock-in period, you are free to sell whenever you want. Lock-in period is only for shares bought on or before March 13 2020, you are free to sell all shares bought after that.


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Sir I want to change my bank account details and address how to change and can this change be done on Saturday and Sunday also
Thank you

This is not relevant thread to post this query.

Read this to know how to change your address, and this to know process to change your primary bank account.

Thank you sir…I don’t know where to raise queries so I raised here… anyway … thank you sir

dear sir kya is baar bhi fpo me share lock kiya jayega
agar kiya jayega to kitne time ke liye so please tell me sir

FPO main issue kiye gaye shares pe koi lock-in period nahi hone wala.

Dear Sir,
I have 400 shares of yes bank. Purchased in the month of Jan and Feb.After notification on 14th March my 75% (300) shares are locked and 100 are free to sell. ISIN number for the 400 shares update on 14th of March with New ISIN.
On 16th March I purchased another 500 shares but it execute with old ISIN while selling these shares on 18th March execute with New ISIN.Due too this shortage for 400 shares arrives and auction purchase done on 20th March for 400 shares.
In this case who is responsible and from which date trade in Yes bank with Old ISIN is banned.

What ISIN NUMBER you get for shares purchased on 16th march.New ISIN or Old ISIN.?