75% of all Yes Bank shares held will be blocked for 3 years

@Nithin also what happens to ETF’s and Index funds tracking Nifty and Bank Nifty? Yes Bank is getting replaced in both Nifty 50 and Bank Nifty this month, won’t those ETF’s and funds face tracking problems?

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We are talking to the AMCs to figure out how this will be handled but there’s no clarity on this yet. We should know something in the next couple of days, I’ll update this thread as and when we do. But worst case scenario, my guess is that this will add to the tracking error. The weight is just 0.18% and MFs can off-load 25% of the shares.

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@nithin can I pledge those restricted shares as collateral for margin.

Hi Sir,

As per the gazette notification, it says 100 shares or more has a lock-in period, but in your 2nd point you’ve mentioned that you’ll be able to sell all 100 shares. Can you please clarify?

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No, you can’t. The haircut for YES bank is 100%, so you’ll get no margins against it even if you pledge.

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The post is updated.

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I Think those brought on 12th & 13th will also not be able to sell more than 75%.

because the share which they brought & not currently in there Demat; are currently in the Demat of the sellers from which people brought on 12&13th. Now as per Above notification, these seller’s yesbank share are getting lock-in, due to which they will not be able to give/trf delivery on T+2 days i.e on 16th&17th.

Hence to avoid defaulting of settlement of share brought on 12&13th, Depository will simply give buyers Locked shares (new ISIN) which they will not be able to sell they reach there demat for 3 years.

Please give your views @Nitin Ji


Yep, seems like a valid reasoning. We need to get clarity though.


Then when a person can sell a share (3yrs lock in period) does the share will reflect in kite after 3yrs??

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Hi, i was planning to go with a long position trade in Yes bank, can u explain the second topic as you have said the long position holder will get hurt once again.

You will be able to see all(both locked-in and free to sell) your Yes Bank shares on Console. On Kite, yes, when the lock-in(3 years) will be released by the depository(CDSL/NSDL), these will be visible on Kite.

If you are planning to go long in F&O tomorrow, then there are no issues.

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Question 1

Sir… As per you new shares buy sell from tomorrow will not have any restrictions???

Question 2

I have an option trade position in yesbank… How would that be effected… Further what would you suggest… That I square off tomorrow or can carry it further?? The option trade is of Mar and Apr series

Question 3

Intraday trading in yesbank above 100 shares is allowed??? Also intraday in FnO is that allowed

Question 4

You expect a sudden drop in price… Why would that be sir… When supply is already curbed and shorters would run to get delivery of their shares… raising the price up… Shouldn’t that lead to an increase in price based on supply demand

Can I buy more than 100 yesbank shares after March 16th and sell them?

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I want to buy 1500 share of yes bank for long term i.e for 2 years. Any suggestions

I have 40 share what can i do

You can sell all 40 quantity anytime.



FNO trading should be as usual, it is up to you to decide.

Not today but eventually it is.

Who ever is holding shares will sell which is allowed but who will be the buyers? anyhow we will come to know in sometime.

Hi at what price the yes bank locked share will be released after 3 year. Will it be the same price when it was locked or the price of the stock in present.