75% of all Yes Bank shares held will be blocked for 3 years

Should not happen, anyhow you can create ticket here if you are zerodha client.

Just for clarification, can you advise whether am i allowed to buy and sell any number of shares post the restriction period which here is on or after March 16?

Yes, there is no lock-in for the YESBANK shares bought after 16-03-2020.

@siva, @nithin,

I am still confused for 20th April volume Of 113 million.my assumption about this share was there won’t be massive movement in it after locking.

Can see free float market cap of yesbank as on yesterday here.

So, divide it by price to get number of shares, it is coming to around 166 crores, consider 75% of it is blocked, which leave with 41 cr shares. So, 113 million volume is possible, also one can buy/sell multiple times during the day, that is also captured in volume.

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Hello sir one question is that whether if we buy small quantity share …example upon buy quantity 20 etc and sale the same …than supposed we earn rs 25 on this than … what charge is will applicable…is charge rs 20 for each buy and rs 20 for each sale will be separately applicable … please answer … thanks

It will be 0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower. Check this brokerage calculator.

Ok sir thank you… means even if we want to book rs 10 as profit…it will be increase our fund by rs 9.988 etc what ever…but not decrease due to any other charges.like rs 20 as commission etc… right sir …and on this basis we can book sevaral time profit by rs 10…10…10… total rs 100etc…can it possible…or we will cause some loss… please clarify…thank you

What’s the Harm in keeping the shares for 3 years, Its like investment in an ELSS Fund. Forget it and move on.

Hello sir…from where we will get our income statement …for financial year…of investment…for the purpose of filing income tax return


Ok sir thanks

Hello sir…how many time takes in averaging down the shares price in our portfolio… example I have already 100 share of x for rs 20 and today(Monday) I bought the same x shares 100 q for rs 10 … which day all the shares will show in my portfolio with rs 15 … can it show on Tuesday the next day of I bought… and if yes then can I sell all 200 shares with rs 18 with profit of rs 3 (18-15) on Tuesday … please answer thank you

Every time you buy the shares, average price is adjusted. You can sell the shares next day and book the P&L.

Good idea … must do it now

Hello sir… one more question is… when we sale share and again purchase with different price … … but is showing in our portfolio with old sale price and show as profit but actually it’s not profit… what does it mean please answer… example we sale 100 quantity for rs 50 and again buy 100 quantity for rs 52 but… in portfolio is reflected with old sale price as buy 100 quantity with 50 rs not 52… So it reflect as rs 2 profit…but actually there is no such profit… so what does it mean…thank you

Hello sir…is there any annually charges for zerodha if yes …how it is dedicated automatically or it will ask for such charges through message… please answer with amount of charge…thank you

Anything can happen !!!

We charge Rs 300/year for the demat account. It is debited from the money lying in your trading account.

Recently, there’s pledge margin being allowed for Yes bank, can this be done for blocked shared of Yes bank as well?