8EMA & 34 EMA cross over with 10 points as filter


I need a code for Hour EMA cross over strategy with 10 points as filter.

Means 8 EMA crosses 34 EMA will be considered as signal candel for Buy vise versa for Sell.
But trade will be initiated only when the price moves up or down 10 with respect to signal candle High or Low price.

Can you guide me in creating this strategy.

Thank you

Please verify your condition once, as you mentioned 10 points high on current candle?, also it is not possible to filter based on point on EMA indicator crossover

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Thanks for your reply.

What I mean to say is,

I will consider the cross over candle as signal for Buy or Sell.
After signal candle I will wait for price movement for 10 point. To Buy price should move 10 point above signal candle to Sell price should go below by 10 point.
With this rule I am trying to back test on One hour candles.

Can you help on this.

Thank you.

Is it possible to test the strategy in Excel file.