A button to take a break from trading?


before jumping in a river u should know how to swim same here with options people should think how much he can loose


Don’t feel a button is necessary coz a trader who wants some break can simply log off Kite and log in only when he is ready to start afresh.


Yes, it will certainly help in reducing the revenge psychology most traders went through while taking a loss and end up making more loss in desperation of breaking even by making more and more trades. Though this option too will require discipline from the trader. After all, trading is 50 % psychology and 40 % discipline and only 10 % capital.


Yes, It will be good option for those who are bit risk averse !!!


To become a good Trader/Investor one need to have Emotional control/ Logical approach and money management but Not a " Fancy Tool"


@nithin …What a lovely idea!..It shows the ethics, honesty and core values of ZD to keep clients in mind above P&L… Well done guys!.. #Respect


The key aspect to trading is the entry and exit to any particular trade. Even if you take the entry at right time, but then the exit becomes difficult. Factors interfering in exit :point_down:t2:

Greediness, to want more profit more than you already having. You start becoming emotionally attached.
Rational thought is lost. So start focusing on the levels and book profit when you have synchronised with the correct levels and take exit.


Once take a break option is done then there should be no withdrawal of such option for the particular period mentioned earlier :+1:, then it will be more use ful


I think there should be a option to control the amount of margin available to a trader, irrespective of the segment he is trading in. The client should be able to select the margin (ie. 2x, 3x, 5x or 10x etc) from the back office. Once he selects an option, he will not be able to change it for a week or month. That way the risk of loosing money can be significantly reduced for newbies.


A very good option! Along with this can we also get if possible (in near future, after the break button feature) a virtual trading platform where when you take a break from the trading you can trade in the virtual platform and then when your success ratio gets better then you’re presented with an option to start real trading again?


Nice thought nikhil when i hear your journey from loss making trader to become the ceo of zerodha i also think that if that type of option is available at that time you aren’t hear but to make customer satisfy at every possible way is the job of every company and you r doing the same s well …someone well said that before investing in any company you have to know the desire of his ceo and when you know its ambition you can invest without hesitation sooo after going through the article i m also waiting for the ipo


Good thinking.


Having suffered account blowups in the past, I would say it is a brilliant idea. Also, there should be a button to limit how much money one is risking in the trades?


If launched, zerodha support team may not get break :slight_smile:

May be @nithin 's inbox little bit over loaded

Dear Nithin sir,
I accidentally put the button on, now I want to trade.
Your support team not responding.
Please help, becoz of this I missed opportunity become millionaire.


Read the comment by NeverMind, dude.


It’s a good option indeed.

It helps to switch OFF for sometime [irrespective of a drawdown or a winning streak] and revisit your trading plans, objectives etc, and start afresh ! I find it very useful thing to do.


This button won’t help him overcome being Undisciplined … If zerodha had some AI system reminding the trader about the risk which he is carrying in a trade and if he could exit it …that would really prevent a trader from minimizing losses…So that he lives to Gamble another day.


waiting for your setup to arise also a kind of waiting and staying away fro m trading .


I have done the same. After some consistent losses, I took a break for some days, learn from various sources,& started trading


Hope after clicking such a button an “Are you sure?” window appears. Else, people may click that button by mistake and blame zerodha for missing good opportunities :smile: