A cool feauture request 😊

AMO - After market order.

Hey @Zerodha-Staff , Placing order from chart IQ is really cool.
At the same time it would be great if you allowed placing AMOs from chart directly.

This would be really cool! and will definitely benefit a lot of traders who want to place orders during off - market time directly from chart. Right now, you can place orders only during market timings.

Like you can accept normal orders during market hrs from chart IQ and shift to AMO after market hrs.

Now, this is the error that pop ups when you try to place an order (after market close).

What do you all think about this feature. I’m sure that this would be really an useful feature.
Kindly let us know if this possible.


(This is a genuine feature request, so don’t unlist this post).


Hey, thanks for the feedback. We will pass this on to the concerned team and explore the possibilities.

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That seems really cool!