A Feature Request for Kite

Hello Kite developers, @nithin @Bhuvanesh @siva !

I have some feature/enhancement suggestions in Kite (web) :

  1. The OHLC values that appear in the Left top are very light. Please make them darker so that they are
    more legible. Values in dark blue will be better in my opinion.

  2. I have observed that in Kite (web), the numerical values on the right side such as Closing price,
    Different resistance prices etc become cluttered if you are using certain indicators. One value overlaps
    the other one and it becomes cluttered. Screenshot :


Please put all the numerical values in the top left corner, like OHLC, MACD, RSI etc in plain text. No need of rectangular shapes as in the screenshot above. This would make the chart more clear. Let the space meant for the candlesticks be reserved. :slight_smile: I have seen some charts in some sites which look so convenient to read.


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@nithin @Bhuvanesh @siva It becomes more difficult during intraday trading when values in the right side overlap over each other. Please do something about it.

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I also agree about this.

Even most of the times, if not always, the MACD and signal values are overlapping. All because of the rectangular shapes of the values. Please put all the values on the Top Left corner. You can see most of the charts on the websites and they are so neat and convenient to read.
But no one from Zerodha @nithin has bothered to look into this issue or atleast read this post maybe :frowning:


We are working on new version for charts, will consider on the mentioned points.

Thanks @siva… I and many traders await these changes.

@siva Can you add 4HR charts in kite please? Currently only 3HR charts are visible on chartIQ as well as Tradingview.

May not be possible, each user has different timeframe request, can’t accommodate everything.Few asking 20 mins, few for 75 mins, few 90 mins etc.

@siva I have observed that there’s a delay in the sentinel giving the notification of around 5mins. Can it be made instant in any way? Also it would be very useful if sentinel can be integrated in charts itself for eg the trigger price can be marked on chart itself just the way you introduced the trade from chart feature.

Should not happen, can you create ticket here and message me number.