A letter to new traders

Congratulations my friend and soon to be a nuisance to your family

You have come to the right place.

and let me guess you wanna day trade and earn in thousands every day right?

how cute.

So the first thing you have to do is borrow as much money as you can. Cause you are a genius and anyone saying otherwise, can f#k off plus you will be earning lac’s by the end of this month anyway so don’t listen to other losers. who is stopping you from following your dreams.
Now you should go and ask you parents for money tell them to sell some stuff off so you can have sufficient starting equity and don’t be that guy with just 25k (there is nothing wrong trading with just 25k just don’t expect to make any money

Now comes the studying part knowing the technical jargon lingo,analysis, indicators plus charting don’t waste too much time on that just search online for “free trading strategy” and watch a bunch of videos. So now after the hard couple of days watching YouTube and learning some stuff congrats you are ready to trade you have never felt confidence like this before. You can even smell all that sweet money, in the air, soon you are going to be buying that sweet ass car and going on a long vacation . but before that you should have a realistic view of what market is doing and how much you can make so just open up the charts and calculator and start measuring all the tops to bottom’s that happened previous month and calculate how much you would have made if you had brought/sold at that time Congratulation your calculation shows you would’ve earned in lac’s So now that you’re 100% sure that you’ll be making shit load of money this month

soon you’ll have that latest smartphone and you’ll be going on the long well deserve vacation and you just can’t wait to see all those faces who told you otherwise.

so what are you waiting for mate go ahead and make that first trade
welcome to the world of trading lmao


Scroll of truth :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It says “A letter to new traders” but it meant for experienced.

@Ankur_Singh dude we all are cursed towards a thinking like this expert’s just learn to control it better than the new comers .

I hope that none of the newcomers will believe in this article: D
At the beginning of my trading, I thought that with a large deposit I would earn millions and buy an island for entertainment. But something went wrong when I lost all the money in a demo account in a day. Then I realized that the market works a little differently than in my dreams.

Mention somewhere that this is sarcasm, otherwise newbies will take this thread like they take those free videos :slight_smile:

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