A video in stop loss hunting by HNI and Institutions

This is how it seems institutional traders manipulate the stocks…

Nonsense video …see when you are tired of stock mrkt to get some laugh n entertainment
This tamil guy is a Joker


@Varun_Katyal Lol!

The video has been taken down ?

@chandru.vks no, go to YouTube and search the video…

I do agree, I do not beleive in what is done here for many many reasons. How so called institutional brokers can manipulate the stocks anyway ? Something good ? I just want to add that it wasn’t done with good intention and not avaliable now.

It’s never a Stop Hunt, it’s always a liquidity hunt when they have very large quantities to fill. They are never after a few stop loss orders to make a few retail traders bleed. They are always after lower prices and bulk order fill which the lower placed Stop Loss orders en-masse often provide.

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