Aadhaar mapping

I’m holding Mutual funds of about 7 AMC’s, now I’ve received an email from 5 of them stating I’ve to map Aadhar to the MF I’m holding brought through Coin. How should I do this? Register with each AMC separately?

You can link Aadhar to all AMCs in one go. Try using the service provided by CAMS.

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Mycams will map your Aadhaar to the below listed AMCs

For me Franklin india was not present in MyCams.

All mutual fund units purchased through COIN will be in demat mode. So, if you have linked your Aadhaar to your Zerodha demat account before 31st December then you are not required to visit each and every RTA’s website to complete this process. It needs to be followed only if your units are in non- demat form.

If you have already linked you Aadhaar number to your Zerodha demat account then it will be shared with the AMCs before the end of this month.


Thanks bro. God heard me and has extended deadline to March 31, 2018.