AADHAAR update in Folios bought through Coin

I have recently got an email from DSP Blackrock mentioning that AADHAAR needs to be linked across all Folios mandatorily. This is the message I have received:

Pursuant to the PMLA notification dated 1st June, 2017 issued by the Ministry of Finance, all investors (new and existing) will be required to mandatorily provide / update their Aadhaar numbers for all holders in any folio, before 31st December, 2017. Failing this, the folio would be locked as a “Non-Operative Account” for any further transactions.

However, since I have purchased this Folio through Coin I believe there must be a way to link AADHAAR with these folios through Coin. Please let me know how I can make sure that my Folios will not be locked as non-operative account.

Raj Pawan G

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