Aarti Drugs Bonus Share

Need help in understanding, I am relatively new to investment/ share market and trying to learn.

I had brought 10 shares at Rs. 3399.71 on 24th Aug 20.
After bonus, yesterday the share price was down to almost 1/3rd of my investment.

I understand that they’ll be providing 1:3 shares to eligible shareholders by 1st Oct.
My Question is -

  1. Who is eligible share holder
  2. When can I expect the shares (30 bonus shares) in my DMAT account
  3. What to do If not received

Can someone please help me with these questions.
Really appreciated your help!


Anyone who holds shares of Aarti Drugs as on record date (01 October, 2020) will be eligible to receive the Bonus Shares.

Can take around 10 days from record date to be credited to your Demat account.

You are eligible shareholder, and will receive the Bonus shares.


Thank you ShubhS9
Really appreciated…

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One of my friends has an account in HDFC securities, He said he has received the Bonus shares to his Demat account. But still in ZERODHA Demat account, not credited.
Different broking Companies will receive the shares at Different times as you said after 10 days from the Record date?

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If you are eligible the bonus shares with the status Trading Approval Awaited must have been credited to your demat irrespective of broker by now. (my shares have been credited in my zerodha demat)
Check your email / SMS ,as the shares will be available in your holdings for trading post monday (13 oct).So, it will be show in your trading account post monday .