Abnormal stock moves - Thread🧵

Urja Global

Urja global is up 54% in last four days on news that it got order from Tesla…but it’s not Elon Musk’s Tesla :joy: whereas Tesla Power USA is a gurgaon based company (subsidiary of Tesla Power India Pvt. Ltd from Khurana family)

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SHORT $TSLA now!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I think they are copying from Vedanta Group. There are two companies Vedanta Ltd the listed company in India and Vedanta Resources the holding company.

Even well known business news papers use the first name Vedanta as headline and put the picture of Vedanta Ltd with a man walking in front of the company on their article, although the topic is about a new chip making company which has nothing to do with Vedanta ltd.

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Not abnormal but a decisive price action on TATAINVEST after an ex-dividend of 48 rupees. That entire ex-dividend open was taken out in 15 minutes and continued on its way up.

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Hi, how to know the borrowings of Tata Invest?

It has investments of over 20K Cr, mcap is 11K Cr. It surely means that it has to repay invested money. Where will it reflect on a BS?

Pls check here - https://tatainvestment.com/financial-history/

Hi Jash, thanks for the response. I actually wanted to know - if Tata Invest is similar to an AMC, how to check the amount it borrowed to invest. I am not sure if that is reflected in the link shown by you.