About amo order of zerodha

Why zerodha amo order placed at 9.15 am instead of 9 am .

Zerodha do places AMO at 9am but not exactly at 9am. It will take more than 30 secs to place your order so that AMO orders of other priority client can be placed before you. I have tried to create many topics, support tickets but none have worked till now and were blocked from appearing here. You are lucky you were allowed to place topic.

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I think recently they changed it to 9 am, maybe their article still mentions 9:15 am but they do it at 9 am now

Still priority of Pre open session order placed at 9 am will be higher than AMO order since AMO sent in bulk

No, i tried both with different browser. I have even raised concern but they are saying it is work in progress. You can try too and let me know if it works for you. Meanwhile did you noticed it is not reflecting on message board?