About crudeoil?

1.CRUDEOIL the most traded commodity futures,
Are of which underlying? WTI or BRENT?

2.What about CRUDEOIL Mini futures will it be continued or get removed from 2020?

  1. WTI Crude USD prices translate to INR the closest to what is on MCX
  2. So far the notification is, yes - Mini futures are going away.

But in zerodha varsity articles it said that MCX follows the Brent crude and not WTI in fact, Brent crude is the benchmark of international Crudeoil pricing.

In Investing.com website it show’s
Crudeoil WTI futures for MCX Crude?

MCX follows WTI Crude. if you have any doubts about that, then you can cross check by multiplying it to USDINR quotes! As of now WTI is 58.21and USDINR around 71.41, so 58.21 X 71.41= 4157 (round figure)!

Thank you @Gaurav2k