About firing order from pibridge through amibroker

In linking of pi with amibroker, one following code has
“pLimitPrice = 8500.05 (price in INR for NIFTY15SEPFUT)” ,I could not understand this statement when in my afl buy and sell signal generated at market price than why i should give limit price to fire my order? pLimitPrice = 8500.05 (price in INR for NIFTY15SEPFUT). Plz rectify my confusion. I just want to connect pi with amibroker for trade where my afl itself genrating buy and sell signal with target on market price and dont want any limit order !

If you want to fire the signal with market price through pi bridge you can check the below modified function code

brd.PlaceOrder("NFO", "NIFTY16SEPFUT", "NIFTY","STRATEGY-S", 1,1, 1, 0, 0, "MKT", "NRML", "CLIENTID","DAY");