About investment type in MF

Suppose i bought a MF in a lumsum way .
1:How can i choose for sip for the same fund and 2:can i increase and decrease the sip amount monthly?
3: can i buy a new mf but same name like axis focused but with different polio numbers?

  1. Go to the same fund on coin and click on buy SIP.
  2. Yes, I guess only on Coin you can do this.
  3. When you are buying mutual funds in demat, you don’t have to care any more for folio numbers. They all sit in your demat account.
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1: thanks. I was confuse if i buy sip maybe it will become a new fund. So i just have to click on the same fund and buy lumsum and it will add and for sip also.
3: can i have two funds with different sip?

Yep. You can have as many SIPs on as many funds as you want.

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What is the procedure of having same fund with different sip?
And i am confuse i bought a fund with lumsum amount of 10k. When i click on buy more there is only option for lumsum amount you can see those images i uploaded all.
Then i click on that fund there are two options buy direct or sip. If i choose sip for that fund will the sip is credited or the sip investment will go to my lumsum fund that i invested with 10k earlier or this will be a new fund with sip. I am very confuse in this. Thats why i am holding to invest

then it goes to this

When i click on fund this comes