About leaving ITM option + future to expiry

hi guys,

I’ve open position in NIFTY with NIFTY MAR FUTURE BUY@18330 and MAR20000PE BUY @1725
i want to leave this to expiry let it settle by exchange, in this case my max loss 55*50=2750/-
other than this brokerage is 40/- and GST on this i know,

but is there any hidden charges, if yes pls explain me,

u can see the Screenshot here

Thanks you

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There’s no problem but your position is essentially a long 20000 CE. Unless the market moves above that, you will just lose the premium and have your margin blocked.

For charges, just key in the numbers on this page and you will get the approximate cost of the trade - Brokerage calculator – Zerodha

Index futures/options are cash settled. No extra charges.

Thank you guys,

@ShubhS9 sir can u check n let me know how much charges im going to pay Especially STT