About option premium

Im new in option i wanna ask about option premium that “if i buy call option do we get option premium back when we exit our trade before expiry”
For example if i buy 1800 ce of ACC at 20 rs the premium amount of 10000 rs is deducted from my account so if i exit the trade after 2 days at 24 rs do i get back my premium amount?? Please help and explain :slight_smile:

Yes, when you exit your position at 24, this also involves the premium you have paid to purchase the Option.

I would suggest you to read this module on Options to learn more:

An option premium is the current market price of an option contract. It is thus the income received by the seller (writer) of an option contract to another party. In-the-money option premiums are composed of two factors: intrinsic and extrinsic value.