About penny stock

hey is this posible to buy some stock at 0.35 paisa and hold it two or three days and after that sell it at 0.40 paisa??

Not recommended to buy such stocks. The approach one would take for US market cannot be the same as the one you should take for its Indian counterpart. Main reason is liquidity issues. It’s easy to get in a stock, hard to get out of it. A stock that costs less than a rupee indicates a bad stock. No one wants to buy it. You shouldnt either. If you want to buy, buy good quality stocks that returned good value in the past. Do your research before buying. Hope that helps.

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You should not be swayed by less price of the stock, most of these stocks are illiquid and driven by manipulators and can cause big losses.

It is always better to do analysis and Invest/Trade in quality stocks rather than penny stocks.

Give this article a read.

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It is as long as you know what you are doing. Greater risk, greater is profit.

Problem arise when u will suddenly see no buyers when u wanna sell it a few days later. U will be stuck.