About RMS software brokers use

Hi all,

who provides RMS (Risk Management System) to brokers

  1. NSE
    3)Third party

Are the RMS software audited by NSE or approval by NSE ?

Which broker has the most best RMS system?

Thank you
Suhas Hegde

Most brokers use 3 rd party services. One broker I know has an inhouse system. There is another prominent broker who is trying to build an inhouse system.

Don’t know it fully (just have half knowledge)

But heard that Dhan has an inhouse RMS system

While zerodha is building its own!

Note: Dhan as its own inhouse OMS system!

Zerodha’s OMS (order management system) vendor is Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters)

Best or worst RMS is none of our concern for trading/investing!

I mean it’s not that important🙂

Different brokers give different margin & many slightly different things around it!