About stop loss order

If i buy a stock of rs. 100 and place stopp loss at rs99. 50,then if price moves suddnely to rs. 99 or 98 without touching my stopp loss i. E. Rs99. 50 then at which price my stock would be sold? Ple help!

if your stop loss is placed for a limit order of 99.50 and price has gapped down, your order remains pending.

if price crawls back to 99.50, your order would be executed. Else, your order remains pending.

Another solution would be to use, SL - M (market) order, to help you exit at such emergencies.

all the best.


If you have used SL-M Stop Loss Market order at 99.5 trigger, your order will be sold at 99 to 98 range or less at whatever market prices are available.

If you have used SL-L Stop Loss Limit order at 99.5 trigger, your order will not execute unless the price comes back to your Limit Price. I am assuming you have set limit price as 99, since you have not mentioned this in your question. If you have set limit price as 98.5 and trigger price as 99.5, your order will execute in the range of 98.5 to 99 (Since price jumped from 100 to 99 directly)