Account Blocked in My Account in Intraday (Please give Urgent reply)

Today I did intraday in Bharat Rasayan with my broker Adroit Financial Services. I purchased 78 shares @9002 (Amount=702156) and sold them @9018 (Amount=703404).

Now, I am seeing in my Financial Ledger that Rs. 14,05,000 has been debited from my Account with the reason ASM AMT. BLOCK BHARATRAS TRADE DATE 16-0- 2020(AUCTION).

Please tell me why my account is blocked despite I did intraday only. The stock has active volume of 6400 shares then why so much account is blocked.

Please give reply as to what will happen now, is it a penalty or amount has been blocked or when it will be released.

You should contact the concerned broker, only they can explain it to you.

@ShubhS9 I talked and he told that the amount has been blocked by the Exchange as Additional Security Margin. But I cannot see any notice by exchange regarding the blocked amount. Now I found that Bharat Rasayan is in ASM Short Term. Do you procedure/regulation regarding intraday in these type of stocks