Account has been frozen. No Buy or Sell now

Hi, I have an Account in Zerodha but I couldn’t Link My PAN to Aadhar. So Buying and Selling is frozen.
So, I went to CDSL easiest to transfer stocks to another trusted account but Transaction was failed too many times.
Now I am not understanding what should I do?

My PAN is still not linked to AADHAR and I can’t link it. There is an error to link.
Please guide what to do. Around 2 Lakh worth of Stocks are frozen. It is a big amount for me.

One of my friends ask me to surrender the PAN and apply for new PAN and then upgrade PAN in ZERODHA
Please Help what should I do?


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if your name is mismatched it won’t linked. you have apply for name correction as per aadhar.

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No. name is similar in both.

Its not what printed on PAN card. It should be matched with ITD database.

I think you can sign in income tax portal and confirm your first name, middle name and last name as per ITD database.

and check is it same as aadhar ?

what was the error when you tried to link it ?

How are you filing taxes then?