Account holders of Karvy

Now, the depository(CDSL) is processing the Closure-Cum-Transfer for clients who hold Demat A/c in Karvy/Anugrah Stock Broking.


  • A request Letter addressing To CDSL stating transferring of Demat a/c from Karvy/Anugrah to your New Demat A/c (please mention From DPID; to DPID and wet signatures of all the a/c holders)

  • Self attested PAN copies of all the holders

  • Digitally signed CMR copy of new Demat a/c

Zip all the three doc in one and email to [email protected]


I received the same kind of email from NSDL on 22 Dec, as my demat account is with them.
Do we have to follow some different procedure to
transfer the shares from Karvy to Zerodha.
I tried asking nsdl about the procedure but they
haven’t replied to any of my emails as yet.
Can anyone please clarify the procedure for nsdl demat a/c holders?

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Hi all,

Can someone confirm that CDSL is indeed able to close the acct at karvy and steering shares to new demat based on request being sent to cdslindia. Would appreciate if someone can share the experience and also the timeline by when cdsl is able to act on this. I am in a similar situation and based on this I had emailed a couple of days ago.

I would like to know this process as well. NSDL has terminated as of Dec 31 the DP partnership with Karvy. However unlike CDSL there is no info on how to transfer Karvy stocks from NSDL to a new broker. Thanks.

I am having NSDL account, can please anyone update on this?





Request you to wait for 30 days, your request will be processed within this timeline.

already 1 month going,still now shares not transfered

please send form-34

Please wait for some more time depositories they are already working on the closure request received from the clients, as the volume is very high it’s taking a little longer time for them.

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Did anyone manage to get through NSDL’s customer care? They dont answer the calls. They are not replying to the mails.

I have opened account with Zerodha. Received the physical CMR copy as well. From where do I get the Form 34? NSDL website is shit and doesn’t have the forms.

Also to which address should I send the documents to?



@mmaheshlic Are you looking for this form - (From a document on the NSDL website, I found that Form 34 is called - Application For Closing An Account (For Beneficiary Account only) - and then searched for it on the Karvy website. If you want to use the NSDL version of this form, then you can refer to Page 237 of the NSDL document that I mentioned above)

Thanks a lot!

Do you have the address to which we have the send the physical documents to?

or should we mail them the soft copies?

@Sanjay_Kumar_E mail sent,there is no response from NSDL,mail sent by 2 weeks

where did you send the letter and did you fill the Form from NSDL page 237-

AND also the karvy form - ?

@ShubhS9 which form use for KARVY?PLEASE HELP

SEBI is going to auction karvy demat account to brokers with net worth of 10 crore or more and clients above 1 Lakh.

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@ShubhS9 @trader_har which form use for KARVY?PLEASE HELP