Account opening queries related to insurance of the accounts!

(1) As per the sebi guidelines every trader investor each every all account with each individual broker is insured upto Rs.15 lakhs only !

(2) does the insurance start the moment i open the account ? Or does it take time or some procedure (paper signing etc) to start the same? Does it get auto renew every year till the account is closed and settled ? Who bears the premium cost charges fees for this insurance?

(3) how can i increase the sum assured to Rs.50 lakhs ?

(4) in the insurance ;; how can i cover/include , the loss in trading ; ?

(5) are my online and offline mutual funds also covered in the insurance , separately ?

(6) is demat account , trading account, mcx account , currency account ; all the accounts covered with the insurance for each and every individual account with Upto Rs. 15 lakhs for each of the above account individually separately OR the Rs.15 lakhs for all the above accounts (trading, demat, mcx, currency ,mutualfunds) clubbed jointly …

(7)how can i make the acounts more insured privately personally from my own end/side with any private or government companies/insurers , separately ?

Pls reply all points

If the broker you are trading with defaults, is labeled a defaulter by the Exchange, then you may claim such sums of money that the broker has defaulted on from the Investor Protection Fund (IPF). Quoting the below from NSE’s website:

The Investor Protection Fund Trust, based on the recommendations of the Defaulters’ Committee, compensates the investors to the extent of funds found insufficient in Defaulters’ account to meet the admitted value of claim, subject to a maximum limit of 15 lakhs per investor per defaulter/expelled member. (25 lakhs per investor per defaulter/expelled member in respect of claims arising on expulsion/declaration of default of members on or after January 6, 2017)

There’s no other insurance as such.

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