Account opening query zerodha

I have opened an account with zerodha but I don’t know how to add a nominee and how to add a joint account holder ?

Read this to know the process for adding nominee.

On adding joint account holder

You will not be able to add another person as a joint holder to your existing account. You will have to close your existing account and open a new account as a joint account.

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Will I be able to convert by online single holder account into a joint account holder ? If not what can I do about my online account as I can’t even send nomination form to zerodha ho as these services have been suspended ? Will there be additional charges for joint account opening as I have already paid rs 200 for online account . Thanks for help

I have tried calling zerodha but have not got a reply yet . Have also raised the ticket but have not received any response.

Have already explained above, you can’t convert your existing single account to joint account. You will have to close your existing account and open new account as joint account.

The process to open joint account is offline, Read this to know more.

You will be opening new account, so account opening charges will apply.

@siva can you clarify this.

How many days does it take to activate commodities account for an existing equity account? @siva

Commodity account opening process for existing account holders is offline, you will have to courior required documents. Once forms are received at Zerodha office, Commodity segment will be activated within 48 hours. You can read more here.

But Zerodha support told me to do it online. it’s been 2 days and its not activated.

is it possible to open an account with Zerodha if the Bank account is a Joint Account? For Bank Primary Account Holders Demat Account opening.

Yes, you can open an account even if you have joint bank account.

One of my family member would like to open an account in Zerodha but presently he is Europe on Employment purpose

Is it possible for him to open an account online while hes in Europe?

No. An NRI can only open trading accounts that are linked to their NRO or NRE bank account. The process for opening NRI account is offline. You can check more details on NRI account opening here.

Thanx for the reply… but he has normal savings account here in India and all the Indian id.