Account opening with aadhar

Can any one open instant Demat account with Aadhaar under some other person
if yes How?

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Can i open under some one through which 10% of brokerage will be transferd to that person

Helping someone else to open an online trading trading account with Zerodha is possible , provide you have their consent to do so and have their relevant information in hand.

Also you will need their mobile with you ready at the time of filing Online Account opening with Aadhar for OTP authentication.

This is quite tricky specially if you are doing it online. The guaranteed referral commission can be mapped only through an OFFLINE application process.

When you are doing it online there are many factors beyond your control that can cut the referrer out of the deal.

So if you really want to benefit the guaranteed referral commission , better to do it offline so others_backoffice cannot cut you out of the deal.

For this reason you will find many Associate Partners are now inconveniencing applicants with too many roadblocks and creating an unpleasant feeling towards Zerodha in General:

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