Accurate prices of Index Futures - 5/15/30 min chart


Need a small help - Where can I access 5/15/30 minute chart of Banknifty and Nifty futures chart with accurate prices of high low close open of the candles? Please do no suggest Kite, anything apart from that please. Thanks.

you could try paying for the data service like global data feed or esignal.

thanks. I got it from

but that is delayed.

Yea…by few seconds. But that’s ok.

Regarding Bank Nifty chart we get on,
I understand it is spot bank nifty chart. anywhere
we can have bank nifty futures chart.

@vilasg You will get NIFTY FUT, BANK NIFTY FUT and STOCK FUT chart also on

navigate site properly. :slight_smile:


thanks Bro…

You don’t get NSE Nifty 50 futures on, the one they show is of SIMEX

@Dhruv_JC Just select NIFc1 NSE INR Real-time

I did for U here is the direct link


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Thanks a lot mate.