Acropetal Technologies - Suspended due to penal reasons


Can someone guide me as i was holding ACROPETAL TECHNOLOGIES shares since long time and now i have seen this as Suspended due to penal reasons, invested around 30k with this company.

from few other discussions over portal i have understood that suspended is from various reasons and that does not mean company is closed and it may start trading anytime.

It’s my bad that earlier also had the same situation with the company CORAL HUB earlier it was LANDMARK PROPERTIES and later it was acquired by CORAL HUB and finally Suspended due to Penal reasons and 25k gone here.

Can some one let me know about these companies. Is there any scope of coming back again or its like all my money invested are gone.


the company is not closed, but the reason is mentioned in this website.

I have also same issue.
Can anyone know about acropetal technologie

I guess the only way to get out of this would be transferring the shares to the person who wants to buy this from you.It is called off market transfer.But to be frank its kinda tough out there to get such people.