Adani ports Stock pledge

Where can i get data of at what price have adani pledged it shares in all the companies

When banks take pledge of shares and grant loans, the haircut or margin is determined by each bank based on their credit policy.

First, the bank should be willing to accept the specific share, they do not accept all shares which are listed in the market, second they will tell you that against a particular shares, the haircut would be 50%. This means that for example, if it is TCS and haircut is 50%, the lending amount will be 50% of the TCS market value x number of shares.

Although the margin is 50% in a falling market, they will not wait until the market falls to 50% to invoke. From 100% they will have various levels where the Bank will be monitoring the price movement, once it touch say (as an example), 80%, they will remind the customer of the fall, if it continues to fall to 70%, they will ask the borrower to for additional cash margin or additional shares, and if customer does not do anything and price falls to say 60%, they will invoke the pledge shares and sell it in the market. This is because, bank has to cover the interest cost of the loan as well.

The various levels 80% 70% or 60%mentioned are examples and depend on each bank.

Broadly this is how it works. Hence, you will get to know the percentage of shares which the promoters have pledged from various sites and not the price point.