Adding MSEI segment

@nithin: With MSEI extending trading hours, do you think it makes sense to add MSEI as another trading venue on Zerodha ? If nothing, it will help price discovery the following day. Is that being discussed ?

We were active on MSEI until recently, there are hardly any trades made on the Exchange, that’s when we decided to surrender our membership. Quoting this from one of the news articles I read “Brokers said that while MSEI is looking to revive trading on the exchange by extending the trading hours, it will not help much if the bigger players also extend timings.There was no trading on the MSEI on Tuesday. Only 211 stocks are available for trade on the exchange.

I think the bigger Exchanges will follow suit, if they believe the extension in trade timings is going to make a significant difference to the overall trading volumes.

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MSEI reversed its decision to extend timings yesterday. Check this news article.