Addition of funds

Well sometimes(when I am not in hurry or something) I use the Intra-bank(HDFC to HDFC) transfer option to add funds in Zerodha. I have my HDFC account linked with Zerodha.

I remember I used to get instant SMS that funds have been credited to Zerodha. But now I think I dont get that atlest in my last two transactions.

Is this because of timings ? I.e. today I transferred the fund around 12.30 AM.

And after having been notified from bank that the transfer was successful I login to Q and cannot the see the amount. So is this basically same as NEFT/IMPS transfer ?

#Thanks in advance.

@ianirban Hi, HDFC Bank did their core banking upgrade last weekend, hence the delayed in credit funds into your trading account might take longer than normal.It’s usually updated in the morning.
You’d be able to check this in Kite under free cash margin.
Can you please write to [email protected] with your client ID, if it’s not yet updated. Q back office is usually updated at the end of the day after the trade process.

Already sent an email to support and still waiting to get that amount reflected in margin. :pensive: