Addition of Taurus Ethical Fund

I have been looking to invest in mutual funds for quite some time and according to my research, in India, only 2 mutual funds is providing the ethical funding (Shariah compliant) funds- Tata Ethical Fund and Taurus Ethical Fund. My interest is to invest in both of these funds and hence I opted to go for Zerodha Coin as the equity as well as all the mutual funds come under one window. But unfortunately you haven’t added Taurus Ethical Fund in your list of available funds. It is a direct growth fund and hence can be added in your portfolio. Please try to add that in your list so that I start using coin for both of these funds. Thank you.


Hi Bassam,

Tata Ethical Fund is available on COIN. Apart from that you can also invest in Rshares Shariah BeeS on KITE which is also shariah compliant. Taurus funds have not been performing well off late, their debt schemes had fallen by 7-12 % in February on a particular day.


Can you explain me what exactly is Reliance Shariah BeeS? If not a mutual fund, what is it? I can’t get the relation…

It is an exchange traded fund. An exchange traded fund (ETF) is a mutual fund which is trading on the exchange. When you invest in a mutual fund scheme, you are essentially buying and selling units from the mutual fund house. The NAV is released once in a day and is decided by the AMC.

When you invest in an ETF you are buying and selling units from other investors through the exchange so the price can change several times in a day as per the market dynamics.


Dear, is it possible begin sip in shariah etf on kiye or coin. Also, can one invest in global shariah etfs. Thanks

The only Shariah ETF in India is a Shariah BeES (SHARIBEES) by Reliance and you can invest in It. But no, you cannot invest in Global Sharia ETFs through Zerodha.


Thank you. I am a beginner . What is the process and expenditure if I start a sip in shariah etf with zerodha.

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There is no SIP option in ETF, you can invest how much ever you want. You can even buy one unit.

Dear Sanket, Is it not possible to buy mutual fund direct plans on regular zerodha platform? If yes than why one should prefer coin platform than regular zerodha platform?

Why nobody answers my question? I am new to zerodha and asked a very simple question? But nobody answers

Adnan, the answer to your simple question is:
Kite is for stocks and Coin is for funds. The apps are separated for simplicity purposes. If you still need clarifications, contact Zerodha support directly.

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