Additional margin in last 2 days of expiry

Is there any way i can check how much additional margin will be blocked if i have a hedged position? Against the call that i sold i have future and call as well

That will be blocked on kite, on funds page you can check.

@siva Sir can you please look into this issue,
I have zerodha trading and other broker account
I couldn’t able to place nifty 9500ce due to limitations in zerodha so I placed order in other broker with premium 40rs with 600 (75*8) buy call with paying full premium but since nifty is around 9000 now so my premium value Also reduced so I’m in negative,but i am getting message from other broker that I need to add funds. I haven’t taken any margin ,I paid full premium for my option contract. Please help me in this issue what are consequences I might face if I don’t add funds,do they really square off my position.

For option buying one need to pay full premium upfront, not sure why they are giving margin calls, better to check with that broker itself.

Sir today I got mail from Zerodha also, please guide me
1).My stock option is in OTM position now.
What happens next ,in the mail they said margin will be blocked if my options comes in ITM.I doubt it comes into ITM position,I feel it becomes worthless.
Do I need to add funds again, physical delivery means the stock options I have bought will be deducted from my position right.
I have attached screenshot for your reference.

If that option becomes ITM then 50% of contract value will be blocked, if it is OTM no additional margin is blocked.

For short OTM options also no margin is blocked?

For shorting additional margin will be blocked irrespective of moneyness.

Thanks for replying. What will happen if i don’t have enough margin?

RMS may square off position at any time, at their discretion.

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hey hi are you there siva? i have a query if you are familiar with zerodha f&o can u please mail me at [email protected]

If it is support related you can create ticket here.