Advanced Watchlist Features


Can Zerodha provide some advanced watchlist features? e.g.

  1. One view for LTP, Best Offer/Bid Price/Qty refreshed every few secs in AUTO mode. A tabble like view, rather than a vertical list.
  2. View for all listed GOLD Bonds
  3. View for listed GSecs
  4. Similar views based on other catgories like Close Ended MFs, ETFs, non Equity securities, NCDs, CCD, etc.

Currently each watchlist has to be manually created and few things like best offer/bid list has to be opened manually.

Also Ability to export the watchlist settings & to be shared with others. Or export to xls for record keeping.


For now may be one can add manually once, they will be stayed the same way till they are changed.

One can open any number of market depths at a time.