Advantage of pi over kite?

What is the advantage of using pi over using kite? is using pi free? what is “pi bridge” and why it is chargeable?

You can create a list of stocks to keep a watch on in Pi.
It will be much easier and faster to buy and sell than in kite.
Give it a try!

ticks are faster on PI, pi has quick order which is instant buy and sell just confirm the quantities. has a lot of technical indicators and backtesting and expert advisors which is basically ur code.

Greatest advantage of using Pi :slight_smile:
You get to curse zerodha, @nithin, whenever it malfunctions quite a lot more while using Pi than kite.
So I use Pi only to get more and more pleasure of cursing


Pi has some bugs and I heard from Zerodha team that they are working on it. I’m confident that they will make that product also wonderful. Till then it is better to use Kite, in my opinion.

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Kite and Pi can be used simultaneously. First login to kite then login to Pi. Use kite for charting and Pi for placing orders.

However i think you cannot place orders from the first platform you logged in to ( in this case kite).

Pi is free. donno about bridge.

Bless them that curse you, pray for those who mistreat you - Luke 6:28



You can take revenge on Zerodha or Nithin they don’t do anything against you but don’t do the same with Market It will sure swallow you instantly :grinning: :pray:


well well !!
H’re we art waiting f’r ages f’r kite 3. 0 to cometh and blesseth us with its auspicious presence.
Kite 3.0 - our l’rd our savi’r our deliv’r’r