Advantange of TOTP?

Can we short Index OTM strike options (which are not allowed to trade on Zerodha) after setting up TOTP ?

Yeah, you can short any before also if it is liquid enough but now even if it is illliquid also one can do.

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@nithin is something else would be possible instead of totp as it consumes time and is not feasible for active trader like me to enter it everytime. Can other comnfirmation could suffice for trading in illiquid strikes apart from totp , maybe take written application for this

You enter only once per login session right? not able to understand how this can slow users.

i use multiple devices…and even sometime totp app can face problem

Web or app?

Web , I use multiple PCs and everiytine phone is not there with me. I think totp involves using phone.

Ok, but that is the only way for now.

Ok and what if I use totp , based on users reviews does google authentication apps faced any downtime. If yes can I reset to normal login immediately. Moreover since it involves outsourcing do I have to take any additional security measures if using totp.